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Here you'll find various tips & tricks regarding making Playmobil® customs and dioramas. Be aware that although I use these methods myself with positive results, I give you no guarantee whatsoever. Also I will not accept any liability. So if you use any of the tips it is completly at your own risk.

Remove paint

Here is my tip on how to remove paint from any Playmobil® figure and hat without destroying its shiny surface.
Items Needed
* A household cleaning cloth, a strong type.

* Sandingliquid (this is translated from Dutch).
sanding liquid

First you drop some of the liquid on your cleaning cloth.
liquid drop

Then rub the cloth in circular movement over the surface of the part you want to be paint free.
rub cloth 1 rub cloth 2

Step by step you'll see the paint fainting, rub untill it is gone completly.

Now the paint is gone and the hat hasn't lost it's shine.